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Paul Smith paul at pscs.co.uk
Fri May 10 00:49:33 PDT 2019

On 10/05/2019 02:57, Roland Turner via dmarc-discuss wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> The first question is what you're seeing in the aggregate feedback 
> reports (Dmarcian, Agari, etc. provide the means to do this). These 
> should be watched for a period of time (I'd suggest weeks) to ensure 
> that all is well before you turn on p=reject.

Also, make sure that every 'type' of email you send is sent and checked 
from the reports as well.

I had to help someone recently who thought it was all OK, but they'd not 
checked their occasional newsletter mailing list, which was failing 
DMARC due to them not setting up their mailing list service provider 
account properly. They hadn't noticed because they hadn't sent a 
newsletter during the 'analysis' period.


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