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Steven M Jones smj at crash.com
Thu May 9 11:42:34 PDT 2019

On 5/9/19 10:55 AM, Wojtowicz, Andrew via dmarc-discuss wrote:
> I’m a newbie with dmarc.  I’ve been playing around with some
> generators and I thought I had it setup right but found out today one
> of my staff members sent out an notification email, that uses
> blackboard, and it didn’t go to all gmail and yahoo users. 

I'm guessing Blackboard is an application or service that may sometimes
send email on the user's behalf, and that they are using addresses in
your domain when sending from their servers. That's a known problem, you
might want to check the FAQ

Did you have your DMARC policy set to "p=reject" at first? One should
generally start with "p=none" and check the reports to see who's sending
email that uses your domain in the From: address. It looks like you have
a "p=none" policy now - if we're talking about our Tenafly domain...

It looks like you may be working with Agari, based on that DMARC record.
But if you're still looking for a company to help you navigate the
implementation process, you could take a look at the services listed on
the DMARC.org website: https://dmarc.org/resources/products-and-services/


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