[dmarc-discuss] Third party host email and DMARC

Jerry Warner JerryW at cds.com
Mon Jun 11 12:29:35 PDT 2018

I'm still having fails when my web hosting company sends order 
confirmations to my customers.   I have my own mail server which 
handles most of my email however my ecommerce host handles order 
confirmations etc.  Those emails fail DMARC.

Here's my spf key (edited).

v=spf1 a mx a:MINE.com a:mail.MINE.com a:smpt5.volusion.com ~all

Obviously Volusion is my web host and I have confirmed that 
smpt5.volusion.com is the server they send mail from.

Volusion themselves are of no help. Depending on who I talk to they 
act like they've never heard of DMARC or they willl only help people 
if Voluison hosts your DNS and email.  In my case, they do neither.

What do I have wrong? 

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