[dmarc-discuss] How to treat multiple DMARC reports for the same message

Roland Turner roland at rolandturner.com
Fri Feb 23 17:31:49 PST 2018

Hi Ivan,

There is in general no way to identify multiple DMARC reports for the 
same message[1]. The spec is simply pointing out that DMARC report 
consumers cannot assume things like aggregate message counts across 
reports from multiple receivers indicate that same number of original 
messages. For example, it would be incorrect to tell a domain registrant 
that of the 22,513 messages sent (information obtained by some means 
other than DMARC), the 18,514 reported in DMARC reports indicates that 
82.2% of messages bearing that From: domain are reaching receivers who 
provide DMARC feedback.

- Roland

1: As an existence proof: you could send each message with its own 
unique RFC 5322 From: domain as "From: User 
<user@{message-id}.sender.example>", in which case you'd be able to pair 
up related reports. This almost certainly isn't a good idea.


On 23/02/18 18:53, Ivan Kovachev via dmarc-discuss wrote:
> Hello all,
> in section 9.3 of the ARC RFC it says:
> "Mediators SHOULD generate DMARC reports on messages which 
> transit their system just like any other message which they receive. 
> This will result in multiple reports for each mediated message as they 
> transit the series of handlers. DMARC report consumers should be aware 
> of this behaviour and make the necessary accommodations."
> Could someone please advise how to identify multiple DMARC reports for 
> the same message and display a single final result instead of multiple 
> results for the same message (from the perspective of DMARC report 
> consumers)?
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