[dmarc-discuss] DMARC report to external domain

BoonHai.Yeo at infineon.com BoonHai.Yeo at infineon.com
Wed Feb 21 01:29:31 PST 2018

Hi all,

I would like to change the DMARC report to my another domain IT support to check.
After I changed, I noticed it failed the DMARC external validation. :(

When a report generator has an aggregate report to send to example.com, it will consult example.com's DMARC record and extract the address above. Since the domain in that address is not example.com or its organizational domain<https://dmarc.org/wiki/Glossary#Organizational_Domain>, it would have to make an authorization check first. It would take that domain the report is for (example.com), and the domain that the rua field references (otherdomain.com), and construct a new name like this:


May I know how to create the this DNS record? Any sample?



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