[dmarc-discuss] A bit confused on the utility of a DNS record for DMARC external validation

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Tue Feb 20 16:44:59 PST 2018

In article <CACyJFRJ6T83U1QB5vHqSUPqL0u0RfDB9msj12WXg2H1TyWNtbw at mail.gmail.com> you write:
>QUESTION ONE: How is it possible for me to continue to receive aggregate
>reports from domains that have no DMARC external validation for the
>receiving domain ?

Domains are cheap.  Buy some random domain like nottwo.com, publish a
suitable record at one.com._report._dmarc.nottwo.com, set up a mail
server somewhere for nottwo.com that forwards the mail to where you
really want it to go (a $5/mo vps is plenty) and have at it.


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