[dmarc-discuss] Suggested DMARC policy for PEC (Italian certified e-mail)

Todd Weltz tweltz at agari.com
Thu Feb 15 06:40:40 PST 2018

Hi Denis,

For now, rather than leaving all sub-domains open, I would recommend
publishing an explicit record for pec.salicetti.it with a p=none and
setting salicetti.it back to sp=reject.  This will put the reject policy
back in place for all other potential sub-domains, but the explicit record
for pec.salicetti.it will mean that it will not inherit the sub-domain
policy from salicetti.it

It sounds like deliverability is absolutely critical on these messages so
possibly you wouldn't move forward with a stronger DMARC policy on this
sub-domain.  But potentially you could check with the Certified Email
Provider to see if they have options to authenticate the mail.

Todd Weltz

On Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 9:02 AM, Denis Salicetti via dmarc-discuss <
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> Hi,
> I need a suggestion about a particular thing.
> In Italy, there is a "special" type of e-mail called PEC (certified
> e-mail). This is the equivalent of a traditional registered mail with
> return receipt. It is mandatory for all companies (legal stuff between them
> or government). Basically, you get an electronic receipt every time a
> message has been received by recipient's domain server (as a proof that you
> got the message). More info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
> Certified_email
> The address format must be email at pec.domain.it
> I always used this configuration for salicetti.it (sp=reject; p=reject)
> with no problem, but now I have to decide what to do for pec.salicetti.it.
> For the moment I've changed it with (sp=none; p=reject).
> Said that I would like to know how to setup correctly DMARC policy for
> this subdomain (pro and con). What do you suggest? Did any Italian members
> of this list do that so far?
> I'm looking forward to your kind reply.
> Best regards.
> Denis Salicetti
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