[dmarc-discuss] Suggested DMARC policy for PEC (Italian certified e-mail)

Denis Salicetti denis at salicetti.it
Thu Feb 15 06:02:30 PST 2018

I need a suggestion about a particular thing.

In Italy, there is a "special" type of e-mail called PEC (certified
e-mail). This is the equivalent of a traditional registered mail with
return receipt. It is mandatory for all companies (legal stuff between them
or government). Basically, you get an electronic receipt every time a
message has been received by recipient's domain server (as a proof that you
got the message). More info here:

The address format must be email at pec.domain.it

I always used this configuration for salicetti.it (sp=reject; p=reject)
with no problem, but now I have to decide what to do for pec.salicetti.it.
For the moment I've changed it with (sp=none; p=reject).

Said that I would like to know how to setup correctly DMARC policy for this
subdomain (pro and con). What do you suggest? Did any Italian members of
this list do that so far?

I'm looking forward to your kind reply.

Best regards.

Denis Salicetti
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