[dmarc-discuss] What constitutes a DMARC success or fail for a record in a rua report?

Todd Weltz tweltz at agari.com
Wed Aug 2 04:50:30 PDT 2017

Hi Mike,

That's not quite right. A DMARC pass is achieved where:
policy_evaluated/dkim = pass *and/or *policy_evaluated/spf =  pass

To successfully pass DMARC doesn't require both checks to pass, an SPF pass
OR a DKIM pass is sufficient.  DMARC doesn't check both SPF and DKIM as a
sort-of two-factor authentication;  it checks both to broaden the options
for successfully authenticating legitimate mail.

So there are 3 DMARC pass scenarios in <policy_evaluated>:

And one fail scenario:

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