[dmarc-discuss] is that *really* valid

Roland Turner roland.turner at trustsphere.com
Thu Apr 7 00:40:48 PDT 2016

Franck Martin wrote:

> Even in this case Lastname is not a valid mailbox as it does not have a valid email address,

That is my interpretation also. The ability of many MTAs to work with implicit domains internally is outside 5322's scope.

- Roland

On Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 9:41 AM, A. Schulze via dmarc-discuss <dmarc-discuss at dmarc.org> wrote:

Franck Martin via dmarc-discuss:


We are not discussing here the fact you can put 2 mailboxes in a From: but
that the display part must be between double quotes.


that's the point.

The message in question look like an auto-response from Yahoo!.
I *assume* it should only have one sender but due to $something there where quotes missing.
I'll forward the message headers to Yahoo! off-list.

Anyway, as this message was valid per RFC 5322 but invalid per RFC 7489
OpenDMARC correctly rejected that message. No bug so far.



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