[dmarc-discuss] New <reason> <type> From Google?

John Corey Miller jcmiller at berkshirephotonics.com
Wed Apr 6 09:03:57 PDT 2016

Over the past few days I have started to notice on my dmarc reports from google a rather large number of messages going through that have the <reason><type> tag value as "looks forwarded, downgrade to quarantine with phishing warning” which seems to be different than the standard “forwarded" value (which Google already applies to too many bad messages for me).  Any idea what the difference is between “forwarded" and "looks forwarded, downgrade to quarantine with phishing warning”?  What’s worse is it looks like google isn’t even quarantining these messaged as the <disposition> value says “none”.

Also, some tools choke on this value, like dmarcian lists it as “undefined” so anyone who maintains tools that parse dmarc reports should be aware that google is putting this in now.

John Corey Miller

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