[dmarc-discuss] is that *really* valid

Vladimir Dubrovin dubrovin at corp.mail.ru
Wed Apr 6 08:55:47 PDT 2016

This From contains 2 mailboxes (Lastname and user at yahoo.com). This is
valid RFC 5322 syntax

   from            =   "From:" mailbox-list CRLF
 mailbox-list    =   (mailbox *("," mailbox)) / obs-mbox-list 

but it's invalid for DMARC RFC 7489 and it's not covered by DMARC

   The absence of a single, properly formed RFC5322 <https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5322>.From field renders
   the message invalid.  Handling of such a message is outside of the
   scope of this specification.

Processing of message like this is implementation specific, any
implementation does not violate RFC 7489.

A. Schulze via dmarc-discuss пишет:
> Hello,
> I noticed a message with this RFC5322.From:
>   From: Lastname, Firstname <user at yahoo.com>
> the message was authenticated by SPF and DKIM but opendmarc rejected
> finally.
> Is this From really valid? I would quote the displayname.
> If it's valid, I hit a bug in OpenDMARC.
> If it's invalid, maybe Elizabeth will be interested ...
> Andreas
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Vladimir Dubrovin
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