[dmarc-discuss] Multiple SPF results in report

Maarten Oelering maarten at postmastery.net
Mon Apr 4 00:23:00 PDT 2016

Do you mean that in the XML you see 6 <spf> elements in one <auth_results> element? Or do you mean you see 6 different <spf> domains in the your reports?

Maarten Oelering

> On 4 apr. 2016, at 09:05, Nick via dmarc-discuss <dmarc-discuss at dmarc.org> wrote:
> I received a DMARC report with multiple SPF results. I wonder how this is possible as I only have one SPF record for my domain defined. In one report I got 6 SPF results.
> The only thing I could think of is some automatic forwarding service changing the return path header. Are there more usecases possible how this can happen?
> Thanks
> Nick
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