[dmarc-discuss] DMARC configuration when using spam solution in Front of O365

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Anita, that isn't really a dmarc question. 

In order to set up dmarc you need to sign your email with dkim and send from IP addresses listed in your spf record. 

You are asking about how to use a 3rd party outbound email transport with office 365, which is documented here http://bfy.tw/54yh 

Also, you should sign your email on your last hop since those headers could be modified and break that signature. 


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If you can share the full email header of a test mail as it is received, that would help. For example from a Gmail account. Based on that it's easy to check SPF/DKIM validation, alignment, etc. You can also use a service like emailaudit.com to check all DMARC prerequisites. 

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Good Morning, 

We are in the process of setting up DKIM and DMARC for our domains. Our inbound and outbound email flow goes from O365 to a spam provider and then to the internet and vice versa. We have implemented DKIM / DMARC on O365, using the 2 cname records, and have DMARC set to take no action at this time. However, I am unclear what action needs to be taken to address that the last hop before our mail goes out to the internet is our spam provider. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated 



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