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>>ARC should be helpful in that perhaps non-exotic situation.
> Could be.  I certainly don't claim it's not potentially useful.  My concern is that it seems to be marketed as a solution to the DMARC mailing list problem and as far as I can tell, its potential utility is orthogonal to that.

The authors of ARC think it more directly applies to the issue of list
mail. Let's start from assuming that they might have a point and we'll
see how the first implementations of this work. But, if it doesn't
really address the issue, it's pretty easy to ignore. Most MLM tools
that want to keep working have already implemented DMARC workarounds
-- I can't see those going away unless ARC provides a better
alternative. And maybe not even then, who knows.

>From my own perspective, I'm unclear on how well this will work. I
assume the chain process is based on addressing anything thrown at at
it; mailing list posts going through mail forwarding; ARC on both
would in theory keep authentication intact and prevent p=reject policy
rejections. But we're talking the 1% of the 1% (of the 1%?), it feels
like the use cases might get more and more far out.

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