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ARC provides a standardised, software-implementable, means for trustworthy forwarders to implement chain-of-custody records and therefore for receivers to reliably and simply automate assessments about messages received through trustworthy paths that are currently both generally too complicated to make other than by hand and - for longer forwarding chains than author->list->recipient - depend upon trusting untrustworthy data from several hops upstream.

The decisions about who to trust remain more-or-less those which receivers already make, ARC extends the distance that that trust can be algorithmically extended. An untrusted bad guy gains nothing, except against a naive receiver who imagines that ARC is magic. See also naive receivers assuming that SPF passing meant that a message was not spam. Likewise DKIM passing. Likewise DMARC passing. The important change here is that, in addition to incorporating an assessment of the trustworthiness of the author and/or the last hop, assessments of the trustworthiness of forwarders enter the picture.

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>The fun is moving to ARC

How does that actually help? At least as I read the draft, anyone can make up a 'bad' message and an associated made up DKIM signature and then add their ARC stamp claiming the signature was valid when the message arrived?

Scott K

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