[dmarc-discuss] Yahoo Groups From field now DMARC compatible

Shal Farley shal at roadrunner.com
Thu Jun 26 22:36:07 PDT 2014


> Recently I noticed Yahoo Groups changed their header From field to align 
> it properly per DMARC.

See also Yahoo's blog posts on the subject:
"DMARC-related changes in Yahoo Groups"
"Enhancements to email handling"

> So by default a reply goes to the list only. For a private reply you 
> must manually copy and paste the user's address.

The default behavior is under control of the group managers. There is a "Members Reply To" option which may be set to "All Members" or "Sender"; this causes the outbound messages to contain a Reply-To header field that provides the group posting address or the posting member's address.

But as you've noticed, this still causes a deficit in functionality: the "Reply-All" function of one's email service or client no longer gives you both the group and the sender's address.

-- Shal

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