[dmarc-discuss] Yahoo Groups From field now DMARC compatible

Paul Hirose cfuhb-acdgw at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 26 21:51:06 PDT 2014

Recently I noticed Yahoo Groups changed their header From field to align 
it properly per DMARC. For example, a message from the Slide Rules 
discussion group (posted by a fictitious user) might contain:

To: sliderule at yahoogroups.com
From: "Joe Blow joeblow at gmail.com [sliderule]" <sliderule at yahoogroups.com>
Sender: sliderule at yahoogroups.com
Reply-To: sliderule at yahoogroups.com

So by default a reply goes to the list only. For a private reply you 
must manually copy and paste the user's address.

The header also contains DKIM and DomainKey signatures.

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