[dmarc-discuss] On Inbound DMARC Support

John Mears John_Mears at symantec.com
Fri Jun 20 02:58:10 PDT 2014

Currently we give a generic SMTP error stating that we filtered the email, without giving reasons, ie a fairly opaque message. Actually this is under discussion internally. We need to strike a compromise between being informative to legitimate senders while not revealing the internal workings of our service to other senders.


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> I believe there are some announcements expected shortly, and both Symantec and Halon are already offering it as a cloud filtering service. (I think I'm forgetting another service...)
> --Steve.
> Indeed, the Symantec hosted email security service now sports a check box for enabling DMARC for inbound  emails. I wrote the code behind it. We are seeing customers gradually enabling it.

What is the SMTP error message when an email is rejected? I'm curious.

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