[dmarc-discuss] a detour into S/MIME, was MLM and Header-From rewriting

Matt Simerson matt at tnpi.net
Tue Jun 10 13:21:01 PDT 2014

On Jun 10, 2014, at 1:03 PM, Rock, Paul via dmarc-discuss <dmarc-discuss at dmarc.org> wrote:

> The mail from you directly works fine in Outlook, showing up with the cert icon in the mail list. Mail.app doesn't seem to have any indicator of the signing, but it's not showing a warning either.

That's interesting. On your signed message, Mail.app (ver 7.3) shows a Security header, with a little checkmark and the words: Signed (Paul Rock).  This is how I recall it being for a Very Long Time, for those half dozen people in the world that I interact with via encrypted/authenticated email.

> Now, the really amusing thing is that when the mail from the listserv came in, it's "merged" with the direct mail, and I now have a warning on your message that there's a mismatch again. I think this is probably a bug with Mail.app however because it says your mail is signed by you, but it's trying to compare it with my signature  - the cert that's failing is mine.

The cert is failing on the list message for a predictable reason, right?  Click on "Show Details," look at the Cert info, and you see exactly why, "This certificate is not valid (email address mismatch)"


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