[dmarc-discuss] SPF DNS lookup limit and 3rd parties

Michiel van de Vis m.vandevis at e-ngine.nl
Tue Jun 3 00:13:10 PDT 2014

Hello everybody,

As most of you will probably know, there is an limit on the number of DNS
lookups (10 lookups, a,mx,include,ptr,exists) while validating an SPF

I think it is good to have this limit, but is there a policy for third
party senders on how to setup a SPF record?

For instance outlook.com (or spf.protection.outlook.com) uses 10 lookups
which makes it impossible for a sender to use both Outlook and a random
other third party (for instance an ESP or CRM) through an include.

Some third party senders:
Outlook / Office 365 : 10 lookups
Google Apps: 3 lookups
Amazon SES: 0 lookups

How do you feel about this and should there be a policy on this?

Kindest regards,

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