[dmarc-discuss] DMARC woes - forwarding signed / encrypted e-mail

Elizabeth Zwicky zwicky at yahoo-inc.com
Mon Jun 2 10:32:45 PDT 2014

Google has always overridden DMARC for some mailing lists, a usage which is
explicitly allowed in the DMARC spec. I for one don't find it surprising
they added ietf.org -- and presumably some other lists -- to the set of
lists they do that for after there was worldwide press coverage of this

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On 5/31/14, 1:18 AM, "J. Gomez via dmarc-discuss"
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>On Saturday, May 31, 2014 4:23 AM [GMT+1=CET], Michael Adkins via
>dmarc-discuss wrote:
>> We are trying to arrive at the facts of
>> whether or not current implementations have actually made changes, and
>> what the scope of those changes actually are.
>What about the change Google made to their systems, in order not to
>reject YAHOO and AOL mail relayed from mailing lists?
>To Gmail, it seems DMARC's p=reject now means p=quarantine.
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