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I don't process emails I consider spam (Which is based on a number of 
factors) and your right, if I just did statistics on all incoming mail the 
results would be much different. Since it's a testing tool, I try not to 
send a response to spam. 


Most of the emails are from people testing to see if they have everything 
set up correctly. They get a report back that looks similar to this:  
http://unlocktheinbox.com/resources/emailauthentication/ within a few 


I say a good 80% of the emails that are process are from legit people 
testing. Most people end up putting "Test" in the subject line, with repeat 
iterations trying to get everything to pass cleanly. I should add a counter 
for the # of emails I just disregard. I did a quick search for paypal on my 
block list and quite a few emails showed up (which don't get processed). 


There are actually people who have 512 bit SSL set up, even though it says 
0%, it's really a number under 0.5% due to rounding. 


It's just stats - I hoping over time it might provide some useful trending. 

Henry Timmes

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>Of those people who implemented DMARC, surprising it has a pretty large 
>pass ratio. ...

What sort of corpus are you testing?  I expect that if you added in some
papypal phishes, the pass ratio would drop through the floor.


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