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henry at unlocktheinbox.com henry at unlocktheinbox.com
Thu Oct 3 07:21:56 PDT 2013

    I've been running an email authentication testing service for just 
about two years now, last month I was a curious to see what percentage of 
emails passed the different tests. So I started collecting stats, today 
they are available for everyone to see here. 

Of those people who implemented DMARC, surprising it has a pretty large 
pass ratio. The Record Syntax Check which comprises of testing all the 
different tags for the correct value types is clocking in pretty high, 
which I fine surprising, because it does a lot of different checks.  The 
DMARC Passed statistic also takes into account, if SPF and DKIM passed, 
which is shown in the grids above.  The ADKIM and ASPF are the alignment 
tests. So roughly 80-90% of the people who implemented DMARC has it working 

The RAU and RUF test are not factored into the DMARC Passed % - It's just a 
statistic, the main reason for the low RAU passed percentage is the changes 
from the original DMARC Spec to the current version. 

I might be the only one that finds this type of data interesting, but I'm 
hoping you all do also.

Disclaimer: One person can do 30 tests, trying to get everything perfect, 
all 30 tests will show up in the percentages, therefore these numbers might 
look slightly better then what it would be in real world use.  I do block a 
lot of emails from being tested that I think are spam - I have a pretty 
exhaustive email based block list, but an easy removal process for anyone 
that ends up in it as a false positive. But overall, It's a pretty good 
sampling from all over the world.

Henry Timmes
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