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Umesh Ratnayake umesh at force24.co.uk
Wed Jul 10 02:27:05 PDT 2013

Hi There!

First of all, apologies, if I'm in the wrong section. I have a quick question, and need some clarification about this please. Or anyone can guide me to the correct area to get help, that would be fantastic.


Very recently I implemented DMARC for one of my clients DNS Record. And set the  rua field to mailto:abuse at xxxxx.co.uk. And since that, I'm getting mails from google and hotmail with subject lines "Report domain: xxxxxx.co.uk Submitter: google.com Report-ID: 6472627502258170xxx , Report Domain: xxxxx.co.uk Submitter: hotmail.com Report-ID: <9002f496f0f0475fbde43020fb0beeeb at hotmail.com> respectively.

When go into the Email, it contains a XML file which includes basically a report which says, where the Email was from, does the DKIM,SPF is passed etc.

My problem is are these reports are generated when some one tries a phishing attack or spam issue with our Email ? and what triggers these reports ?

I need some more details about this please, like how we can use this report to improve our Email Deliverability in future.

Thank you very much for the Support.

Kind Regards

U Ratnayake
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