[dmarc-discuss] SA and domains (was Views on passive DMARC checks)

Matt Simerson matt at tnpi.net
Mon Jul 8 23:00:45 PDT 2013

On Jul 8, 2013, at 6:03 PM, Franck Martin <fmartin at linkedin.com> wrote:

> Resurrecting an old thread.
> As DMARC act on direct domain spoofing, I looked at how spamassassin could help on non-direct domain spoofing. I noticed none of the rules in http://spamassassin.apache.org/tests_3_3_x.html verify that domains found in various part of an email are in spamhaus DBL or SURBL.
> An oversight or I missed something?

I believe you are looking for this plugin:


If you search the page you referred to for 'URI', you'll find a number of scores that utilize the URIDNSBL plugin and assign various scores. IIRC, the false positive rate on URIBL plugins is quite high, which is why the scores assigned are generally pretty low.


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