[dmarc-discuss] RFC5322.From different from sender domain

Avanish Mishra avanishm10 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 8 17:36:59 PST 2012

This might have been discuss before but i am not clear on DMARC recommendation for handling  genuine use cases of  RFC5322.FROM domain
different from actual sender domain?

Currently with most of big email provider like Yahoo Mail, Gmail and other i can register, authenticate and use external email id to send
mail. One of the possible use case is that any user can register and use <user at my-work-domain.com> as a alternate email id and use this  email id
to send mail. This feature can be useful if i am travelling with internet access but no access to my-work-domain network
and want to send mail so that receiver can identify me with my work email id.

This mail will be delivered with RFC5322.FROM domain  as "my-work-domain.com" and DKIM signing domain will yahoo.com/gmail.com

with the mail provider IP.

1. Should the DMARC record of "my-work-domain.com" should be fetch for DMARC processing
2. "my-work-domain.com" can have strict policy to reject mails; should the mail be rejected as this will
     definitely fail  Identifier Alignment.

is it possible to consider domain of sender (Mail header sender) in case RC5322.FROM domain is different?

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