[dmarc-discuss] facebook user mail, was How does *this* mailing list

Elizabeth Zwicky zwicky at yahoo-inc.com
Tue Jun 26 11:25:12 PDT 2012

Yahoo! will interpret a p=reject policy as meaning that we may at our option reject any mail that fails DMARC.
We will NOT promise to correctly identify mailing lists and save your mail; nor will we promise to reject all the mail. 
I note that we enjoy rejecting mail, but not at the expense of making users very sad. We do, in fact, use DMARC to
reject mail.

Once again, I strongly recommend using p=reject only for transactional mail. If you use it for domains containing
humans, some of their mail will be rejected. If they are humans who you can force to live with this, more power to you,
go for it. Save rates will be better for p=quarantine (then again, there is no spam so spammy that no user will save it,
so p=quarantine is also notably less protective.)


On Jun 25, 2012, at 7:21 PM, Michael Adkins wrote:

> I'd say theory 1, with the caveat that only the major providers have been
> enforcing our policy for a significant length of time either via DMARC or
> our intermediary's private channel.
> On 6/25/12 6:23 PM, "John R Levine" <johnl at taugh.com> wrote:
>>> We have several users subscribed to things like google
>>> groups and yahoo groups.
>> Hmmn.
>> Theory 1: everyone knows who Google and Yahoo groups are, and whitelist
>> their mail
>> Theory B: nobody actually takes p=reject seriously
>> R's,
>> John
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