[dmarc-discuss] Separating out staff mail, was How does *this* mailing list

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Fri Jun 22 12:58:08 PDT 2012

>I think a lot of companies who would really benefit from DMARC will
>actually require people to use their work email address.

You're probably right.  Companies that want to use DMARC for their
transaction and bulk mail will move their individual employees'
addresses to a subdomain or different domain.  Note that it's fine to
leave staff aliases in the old domain for incoming mail forever, so
you're not going to lose anyone's mail.  Paypal and other large
companies have made that change.  It's not a matter of principle, it's
just a matter of money.

If DMARC is important to you, arrange your mail so you can use DMARC.
If not, don't.  It's all the same to us.


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