[dmarc-discuss] How does *this* mailing list interact with dmarc?

Brian Corrigan bcorrigan at majorleaguegaming.com
Fri Jun 22 12:26:55 PDT 2012

However, I see different data that suggests
> worker-bees are more likely to use their work address for work related
> issues, including discussing work on mailinglists.

I think a lot of companies who would really benefit from DMARC will
actually require people to use their work email address.  Anyone who's
publicly audited would want (and maybe be required) to keep a paper
trail of any emails send on company time to ensure no IP is
accidentally given away, etc.  These companies would *want* to enable
DMARC for their user domains.

If I'm rehashing a dead topic I really apologize, but I truly think we
should come up with something here.

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