[dmarc-discuss] Discrepancies between ISPs' aggregate reports

Andreas Schulze sca at andreasschulze.de
Thu Jun 21 12:17:59 PDT 2012

Am 21.06.2012 17:27 schrieb Franck Martin:
> But in general servers internal clocks are set to UTC and logs and other critical data are stored in UTC time.
not so in germany (ok, at least for my servers ...)

I am not faced to servers in different timezones. So my logs are always in localtime.
cron.daily / logrotation happen 00:00 localtime which is 22:00 UTC

but generally I also prefer sending reports once a day (after daily logrotation, 0:00 localtime seems comfortable)
That would also spread reports over the day and avoid receivers infrastructure overload...


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