[dmarc-discuss] Updated NOTE WELL Statement

J. Trent Adams jtrentadams at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 14:28:29 PDT 2012

All DMARC-DISCUSS Subscribers -

First, thank you for your contributions to DMARC so far, and we look
forward to your help as we continue to improve it.

This is to inform you that we are now officially shifting our focus to
the next revision of the DMARC specification.  Our commitment to open,
transparent, and collaborative development requires that we alert you to
the necessary change in the NOTE WELL statement that governs the
contributions made via the DMARC.org discussion lists.

The statement now reads:

PLEASE NOTE: Various discussion lists (each as a "LIST") were created to
enable DMARC.org members to collaborate with the open Internet community
to improve the Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting &
Conformance (DMARC) technical specification in a legally responsible
manner. DMARC.org members make their contributions available to the
community under the Open Web Foundation Contributor License Agreement
(OWF CLA 1.0). We require that all non-DMARC.org members make that same
commitment for their own contributions. By clicking the "Subscribe"
botton when subscribing to a LIST, you agree to the terms described in
the DMARC.org NOTE WELL below.

You are required to include your name and the name of your employer in
the "Your Name" field of the subscription form. Subscriptions not
including this information may be removed.

DMARC.org NOTE WELL: By clicking "Subscribe" to subscribe to the LIST
you, on behalf of you and your employer(s), agree to the terms of the
Open Web Foundation Contributor License Agreement (OWF CLA 1.0) and
anything provided by you shall be considered a "Contribution" as defined
in the OWF CLA 1.0. "Contributions" include submissions to the LIST,
comments made on teleconferences that are announced on the LIST, and
input provided during physical meetings that are announced on the LIST.
For these purposes, you agree that the "Specification" defined in the
OWF CLA is the "draft-dmarc-base-00-03" version of the technical
specification, and that your employer(s) is the "Bound Entity."

You will see that we updated the specification version to reflect the
one currently being worked: "draft-dmarc-base-00-03".

If you can no longer agree to the terms identified in the NOTE WELL, you
are required to unsubscribe from the list at this time.  You will still
have access to the public archive of messages, but you may not post to
the list.

Your continued subscription to this list confirms your commitment to the
new DMARC.org NOTE WELL identified above.

If you have any questions about the contribution process, please send
them to "questions at dmarc.org" or feel free to contact me directly at
"jtrentadams at gmail.com".

Thanks again for combating domain-spoofed fraudulent email by helping to
improve DMARC!

- Trent

J. Trent Adams
DMARC.org Chair

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