[dmarc-discuss] Duplicate reports?

Andreas Schulze sca at andreasschulze.de
Wed Jun 20 04:09:36 PDT 2012

Hi all,

> Today I got also multiple reports from google.
> Yesterday the report from yahoo arrived twice.

I looked deeper into my maillogs.
I received the first of multiple reports Jun 19 23:37

Jun 19 23:37:47 taro postfix/postscreen[11556]: CONNECT from []:60706 to [$myip]:25
Jun 19 23:37:47 taro postfix/postscreen[11556]: PASS OLD []:60706
Jun 19 23:37:47 taro postfix/smtpd[11591]: connect from mail-ob0-f202.google.com[]
Jun 19 23:37:49 taro postfix/smtpd[11591]: 3WH2b12nc8z2593:
Jun 19 23:37:49 taro postfix/cleanup[11566]: 3WH2b12nc8z2593:
message-id=<15036431384273113978 at google.com>
Jun 19 23:37:50 taro opendkim[21557]: 3WH2b12nc8z2593: DKIM verification successful
Jun 19 23:37:50 taro opendkim[21557]: 3WH2b12nc8z2593: allowed by reputation of google.com
(-0.000000, count 2, spam 0, limit 2)
Jun 19 23:37:51 taro postfix/local[11578]: 3WH2b12nc8z2593: to=<$me>, relay=local, delay=1.8,
delays=1.8/0/0/0.05, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (delivered to $mailbox)
Jun 19 23:37:51 taro postfix/qmgr[1854]: 3WH2b12nc8z2593: removed

so far it took 4 seconds to receive the mail. 2 seconds to accept the connection, transfer
maildata and process them by milters (opendkim, ...). Next 2 seconds took the mta to deliver the
mail into my mailbox.

But mail-ob0-f202.google.com disconnects 30 seconds later!
Jun 19 23:38:21 taro postfix/smtpd[11591]: disconnect from mail-ob0-f202.google.com[]

exact 30 seconds!!
To me that looks like a timeout. I assume the google server does not receive/understood/whatever
my 250 OK after the smtp data command. If the MTA has an aggressive timing the sending process
do not wait 4 seconds for my 250 OK. It simply assumes a tempfail and retry later.

@google / @yahoo:
do you use a dedicated MTA server for sending dmarc reports?
Is there an agressive timing to handle the expected load with one MTA?

just my guess ...


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