[dmarc-discuss] the mailing list bad idea, was Google & IPv6 SPF check

Benny Pedersen me at junc.org
Mon Jun 18 14:16:32 PDT 2012

Den 2012-06-12 23:59, John Levine skrev:

> But I guess this is one of those bad ideas where no matter how many
> times it's failed before, people are sure this time is different.
> Have fun.

Authentication-Results: localhost.junc.org (amavisd-new);
     dkim=pass (1024-bit key) header.d=dmarc.org header.b=XR1b5kp3;
     dkim=fail (1024-bit key) reason="fail (message has been altered)"
     header.d=iecc.com header.b=f110HLgL; dkim=fail (1024-bit key)
     reason="fail (message has been altered)" header.d=taugh.com

well dmarc.org pass, ok with me that the rest may fail, make all pass 
is just an option in mailman to remove maillist senders dkim sig

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