[dmarc-discuss] Validating Reports: How to & XLST

Brian Corrigan bcorrigan at majorleaguegaming.com
Fri Jun 15 08:29:59 PDT 2012

Hi Team -

Since Trent mentioned it was desirable, I'm posting the current XLST
file I'm using as well as my patched XSD.  These together are useful
for validating reports.

# Patched XSD (adds namespace mentioned in previous thread)

# XLST fixes previously reported bugs and adds namespace

# To perform the test (apply patch & test file):
$ xsltproc provider_report_patches_current.xslt some_report.xml |
xmllint --noout --schema rua_patched_current.xsd -

I'm using libxml 2.7.3

FWIW, most of the errors I'm finding are missing elements.

Hope it helps!


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