[dmarc-discuss] How to handle temporary dns failure?

Michiel van de Vis m.vandevis at acervus.nl
Mon Jun 11 23:27:23 PDT 2012

Hello Junping,

Perhaps temporary errors should be handled differently apart from hard
Or the receiver shouldn't permanently block the sender based on a (temp)

I don't see how different DMARC/DKIM domains would help.
Both calls have the possibility off receiving a 'TEMP error'.

Furthermore it would be nice to specify a reason for the SPF/DKIM fails in
the forensic report, this would help debugging on the sender's side.
At this moment you only specify the identifiers which did pass the checks,
not the ones which failed.

I'm curious how others think about this.


2012/6/12 pandalove <pandalove at 126.com>

> Hi folks,
> These are mails who are DKIM aligned and SPF not aligned naturally(such as
> newsletters ESPs using envelope sender domain different from header from
> domain, providing no SPF aligned identifier), if the mail receiver gets
> temporary dns failure when requesting DKIM selector, this email will fail
> DKIM verification and provide no DKIM aligned identifier.
> In this case, such emails will fail the whole DAMRC mechanisms. If their
> "p=" tag is not "none", these emails will be rejected or quarantined. At
> least, a forensic report will be sent.
> Considering people may use different DNS domains for DKIM selector and
> DMARC record, so the mail receiver can query DMARC record successfully, but
> DKIM selector DNS request can solely fail .
> That is, once their DKIM selector DNS temporarily failed, their mails ca!
> n not be delivered normally due to DMARC failure.
> Anyone want to share his opinion about such a situation?
> Junping
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