[dmarc-discuss] Google & IPv6 SPF check

Roland Turner roland.turner at trustsphere.com
Mon Jun 11 21:29:46 PDT 2012

Hi Jesper,

Just to ensure that I'm answering the right question: you're wondering 
why your posts to dmarc-discuss are ending up in Gmail Spam folders 
after forwarding by the list?

The issue, as with mailing lists generally, is that the the list breaks 

  * SPF (because you don't list mail.blackops.org in your SPF record,
  * and DKIM (both because it alters Subject: and because it adds a
    footer but your DKIM signature doesn't include an l= parameter; not
    that it would be wise to add one)

As you're specifying p=quarantine for your header domain, Gmail is 
apparently taking you at your word.

As Elizabeth has already pointed out, p=(quarantine|reject) are only 
appropriate for domains sending "official" email; mailing lists in 
general are too hard a problem for DMARC (or anything like it) to fix. 
The odds that most - or even an appreciable fraction of - list operators 
will switch to DMARC-compatible behaviour (in particular to desist 
adding footers or modifying Subject: headers) in the foreseeable future 
are vanishingly small.

That said, dmarc-discuss might be an ideal place to experiment with 
making a mailing list run in a DMARC-compatible fashion. Would others in 
the list be interested in seeing this happen? Is the presence of the 
"note well" inescapable?

- Roland

On 08/06/2012 22:31, Jesper Knudsen wrote:
> Hi Al,
> That is a interesting observation (well, actually scary...). I have verified
> my SPF/DKIM and DMARC externally through checkmyauth at auth.returnpath.net
> without any issues (all pass) and my daily DMARC reports from Google also
> looks "clean". I must be scoring on some other parameters than the ones I am
> publishing.
> Wonder whether its related to the content of this specific thread or general
> bad standing of my sending IP - It doesn't seem to be listed (or have even
> been listed in all the DNSBL's I am aware of - I monitor hourly).
> Clues?
> /Jesper
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> Subject: Re: [dmarc-discuss] Google&  IPv6 SPF check
> Jesper, are you pushing a record for your domain that isn't compatible
> with this mailing list? Right now, yours is the only mail from this
> list going to the spam folder at Gmail.
> Regards,
> Al Iverson
> On Fri, Jun 8, 2012 at 8:35 AM, Jesper Knudsen<jkn at scanmailx.com>  wrote:
>> Personally I prefer to spell it out for the receiver so they do not need
> to
>> make any additional DNS lookups to determine whether SPF is OK or not. I
>> your case I would add the ip4: and ip6: statements with your two
> respective
>> IP addresses - Maybe even drop the MX as also resolves to the same IPs.
>> Hence:
>> v=spf1 ip4: ip6:2001:41d0:2:30db::207 -all
>> Rgds,
>> Jesper
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>> Subject: [dmarc-discuss] Google&  IPv6 SPF check
>> Hello,
>> I'm not sure if this is the good platform to raise this kind of issues,
> but
>> I'm sure there are some Google Mail people on this list.
>> The google.com reports of June 5th and June 6th show my IPv6 IP as sender,
>> but also reveal that the SPF check failed. E-mails sent with the IPv4
>> address look OK (SPF check OK).
>> To my knowledge, my SPF and DNS set-up (domain bgs.org; v=spf1 mx
>> a:claudette.bgs.org -all; claudette.bgs.org A / AAAA
>> 2001:41d0:2:30db::207) should work for both IPv4 and IPv6.
>> Anyone else having the same issue with IPv6?
>> Kind regards,
>> --
>> Stef Simoens
>> BGS.org hostmaster
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