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MH Michael Hammer (5304) MHammer at ag.com
Fri Jun 8 08:48:47 PDT 2012

DOH! I was looking for an SPF record for Claudette.


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On Fri, Jun 8, 2012 at 7:51 AM, MH Michael Hammer (5304)
<MHammer at ag.com> wrote:

	Google may not be wrong.... I'm not finding an record for
Claudette like what you indicated in your email.
	# nslookup
	> set type=txt

	> claudette.bgs.org
	Non-authoritative answer:
	*** Can't find claudette.bgs.org: No answer

You're looking for a TXT record for that host, which doesn't exist and
isn't needed. There is an AAAA record which is what matters :
$ dig aaaa claudette.bgs.org +short


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