[dmarc-discuss] Include statement in DMARC DNS record

Jesper Knudsen jkn at scanmailx.com
Fri Jun 1 12:32:07 PDT 2012

To the best of my knowledge a CNAME with underscore is not allowed hence I
cannot make a CNAME _dmarc.customerdoamin.com pointing to something that
might have our default DMARC TXT record e.g _dmarc.scanmailx.com.

Maybe I am slow here Friday evening, but I cannot see how a CNAME will help
me "dynamically" changing DMARC record parameters for my customers domains.

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> One way to achieve this is to have your customer create a CNAME
> record that points back to your own infrastructure.  Then you can
> make changes at will.

It's hard to see anything that a DMARC include would do that a CNAME doesn't
do just as well.  Since the DMARC record has a unique name, you don't run
into any
of the problems you do trying to put a CNAME on an MX or A record.

I realize that provisioning systems don't support exotic records, but
CNAMEs are not exotic, and have been around as long as the DNS has.

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