[dmarc-discuss] Some stats and external reporting...

Franck Martin fmartin at linkedin.com
Fri Jun 1 08:40:56 PDT 2012

On 6/1/12 6:53 , "Jan-Pieter Cornet" <johnpc at xs4all.net> wrote:

>So far, I've seen DMARC records for 799 domains. Sent reports to at least
>417 of them (I lost some statistics about reports sent in the starting
>227 domains have an external reporting URI. Out of those, only 8 domains
>actually have a DOMAIN._report._dmarc.EXTDOMAIN in the DNS, for 2
>external report collectors (returnpath.net and axsentis.net. Good work!).
>So I devised a workaround. If reporting to an external domain, I lookup
>the DMARC record of that domain, and if that DMARC record contains the
>same reporting URI, I'm still sending out the report. That way, I get to
>send reports for an extra 111 domains (to 22 different external domains).
>That catches pretty much all the 'big ones' that I know are present on
>this list.
>There are 116 domains for which I have not sent out reports because the
>external reporting domain is incorrect. (And there are 7 domains
>appearing in multiple categories because they have multiple reporting
>URIs or because they changed the DMARC reporting URI). Another 28 domains
>don't have a valid rua= field in their DMARC record (I'm only counting
>aggregate reports here).

What types of error? I noticed people usually forget the mailto:, is this

Would be nice also to graph the number of DMARC records over time.

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