[dmarc-discuss] Some stats and external reporting...

Jan-Pieter Cornet johnpc at xs4all.net
Fri Jun 1 06:53:11 PDT 2012

So far, I've seen DMARC records for 799 domains. Sent reports to at least 417 of them (I lost some statistics about reports sent in the starting phase).

227 domains have an external reporting URI. Out of those, only 8 domains actually have a DOMAIN._report._dmarc.EXTDOMAIN in the DNS, for 2 external report collectors (returnpath.net and axsentis.net. Good work!).

So I devised a workaround. If reporting to an external domain, I lookup the DMARC record of that domain, and if that DMARC record contains the same reporting URI, I'm still sending out the report. That way, I get to send reports for an extra 111 domains (to 22 different external domains). That catches pretty much all the 'big ones' that I know are present on this list.

There are 116 domains for which I have not sent out reports because the external reporting domain is incorrect. (And there are 7 domains appearing in multiple categories because they have multiple reporting URIs or because they changed the DMARC reporting URI). Another 28 domains don't have a valid rua= field in their DMARC record (I'm only counting aggregate reports here).

Anyway... if you want to receive DMARC reports and you're not getting them from XS4ALL, verify your DMARC records and make sure they point to your own domain. Or publish a _report._dmarc record on the external domain (so, like, you cannot get dmarc reports delivered to your gmail account. Sorry).

I will probably remove the workaround as soon as the 'bulk' of the domains move to _report._dmarc authentication for the external domain. That's also why I have such precise stats, I wanted to know how 'bad' the situation was ;)

All the best,

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